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This isn't "old" history per se but it does seem worthy as a first.  That is one HUGE load!



Twin Bambis Deliver, at 40,000 lbs.!

Lazarevskaya, Russia

Twin Bambi Buckets with a combined payload of 20 tons (5200 US gal./ 19,600 litres) were successfully test flown under a Mi-26T on June 24, 1997.

Mi26t The first Bambi Bucket was delivered in 1982. Fifteen years and seventy-five countries later on the Russian Riviera, SEI Industries Ltd. of Canada teamed with Skytech Heavy Lift Helicopters of Belgium to give birth to this new ultra heavy lift Twin Bambi Bucket system. This amazing demonstration sparks the future of aerial delivery of fire suppression services by the world's largest heavy lift helicopter.

The focus in forest fire-fighting is for an early attack, taking command of the fire before it gets out of control. The trend is to use larger helicopters to transport a skilled ground crew and their equipment directly to the remote incident, then quickly change roles to provide aerial delivery of fire suppressant. This tactic takes full advantage of the helicopter's multi-mission capability. In this scenario, the Bambi Bucket equipped heavy lift helicopter is a proven asset.



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