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  Aerial Firefighting

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"Helicopters magazine is Canada's only national helicopter magazine, providing comprehensive coverage of commercial, corporate, general and military rotary-wing aviation in Canada and around the world." Fire Season Preview issue in May/June.
Feuerwehrpresse is a website operated by Wolfgang Jendsch from Germany. He is the author of over 30 books covering the firefighting industry. The site is featured in both German and English.
This website is operated by Michael Archer. He is the author of Firestorm and Firebombers Incorporated. He also publishes a daily international fire update on his blog.
This is a link the the NRCC page that hosts a number of links to printable Aviation Management forms for use in the field.
This link goes directly to the USA Wildland Firefighting section of the Fire Publications by Wolfgang Jendsch. It is to the English version. It contains various photos and information gathered from his extensive travels to fires in the U.S.
2006 (current version)
Department of the Interior: Aviation Management direct link to the AMD-64A form Interagency AIRPLANE Pilot Qualifications and Approval Record. Use this to submit for recarding. For FIXED WING aviators.
US Department of the Interior link directly to form AMD-64B, used for recarding purposes for ROTARY WING aviators.
Various guides, checklists, procedures and PowerPoint presentations for Aerial Ignition operations.
Policy/Manuals/Guides and Related Links
Wildfire Magazine is much more geared towards the troops on the ground and not specific to Aerial Firefighting but would be a good source for Helitack and Smokejumpers.
Wildland Firefighter magazine has been in publication since 1996. Unfortunately the magazine is ceasing publication effective May 2008. Unsure if there will still be an on-line version.
Vertical is both a print and on-line magazine that is a great representation of the Rotary Wing industry. Photos, articles, job postings, and much more!
HeliOps is a print & on-line magazine dedicated to the civilian helicopter world. Helitac, it's sister magazine, features the military side of things.

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