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  Aerial Firefighting

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"For more than 30 years, Aero Tech has been serving private and public entities in the U.S. and overseas with aviation and aerial application services." Rotary and Fixed Wing services.
Aero Flite, based in Kingman, Arizona, is the largest private operator of the CL-215 in North America. They have been in business since 1963. They operate in Alaska, Canada, and the continental U.S.
10 Tanker is the developer and operator of the growing series of DC-10 aircraft that are now being used in the U.S. and Australia. Based in Victorville, CA.
Yes, even DynCorp is involved in Aerial Firefighting. The info is pretty hard to find but as near as I can tell they operate fixed wing aircraft in California. Possibly other worldwide areas.
Fire Boss (by Wipaire, Inc.) offers the 802 Air Tractor that is on amphibious floats with SCOOPING capability. They are headquartered in South St. Paul, Minnesota. They also have an office in Europe.
Air Spray, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a family-owned and operated aviation company specializing in air tanker forest fire suppression in Canada and Turkey for 40+ years. They operate the L-188 Electra, the CL-215, and the Turbo Commander.
I can't really read Italian but I gather that SoREM is the Italian aerial firefighting service for fixed wings. They operate 19 CL-415's and 8 CL-215's. If you know the language and can help out, just drop me an email.
Orsmond Aerial Spray was the pioneer of aerial fire fighting in Southern Africa. They are based in Bethlehem, South Africa. They operate a fleet of Ayres Turbo Thrushes for crop spraying and Aerial Firefighting.
The world's largest flying boats ever flown operationally and the company which operates them as waterbombers.
Bombardier (Canadair) is the manufacturer of the CL 415. The 215 is no longer in production.
This is a division of the United States Wildland Firefighters Association geared specifically for Wildland Air Tanker Pilots and Crews. Membership required for full access.
Conair is based in British Columbia, Canada and is a worldwide operator of various fixed wing retardant delivery and Air Attack "Bird-Dog" platforms. They have been in operation for over 35 years.
Lane Aviation is a dealer for the Air Tractor series and parts. They are based in Rosenberg, TX.
Basler Turbo does turbo conversions to the DC-3, thus becoming the BT-67.
AquaAir, Inc., Alamogordo, NM operates 1 P2V Neptune.
Queen Bee Air Specialties operates several type III airtankers (AT-802F) fighting wildfires from coast to coast in the United States.
Downstown Aero has been in the aerial application business since 1945 on spraying and firefighting contracts with federal, state, and county agencies. They operate exclusively in the Northeast states.
Hirth Air Tankers is the last commercial operator of the Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon, one of the last World War II era aircraft being used for aerial firefighting. Unable to confirm if they are still in business.
Founded in 1946, Butler Aircraft contracts with the Oregon Department of Forestry for multi-engine aerial firefighting. They also operate a full service FBO at Roberts Field, Oregon (RDM).
ARDCO, Inc. is an aerial firefighting company with its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. They provide professional aerial firefighting services to the Federal Government throughout the United States.
Aero Flite provides aircraft, crews and ground support to service federal and state wildland firefighting agency contracts throughout the continental United States and Alaska.
Neptune is based in Missoula, MT. They fight fires all over the continental US and Alaska. They operate the P2V-5 and the P2V-7's.
The Supertanker is a modified 747 that can carry up to 24,000 gallons of retardant, fight fire at night, and operate worldwide. It will be available starting in June 2008.
Minuteman Aviation is based in Missoula, MT. They provide a full service FBO, charters, maintenance, and flight training. They offer both rotary and fixed wing firefighting services also.
This is the Wikipedia entry for the Canadair CL-215. If you see something incorrect or omitted in the entry you can set them straight.
Specifics on the AT-802F Air Tractor.
The FirePirates website. Mostly geared towards the fixed wing corner of the industry. We think a lot alike. Even similarities in our logos. (Disclaimer: I had designed mine before I ever ran across the FirePirates.)
A German website (The Global Fire Monitoring Center) describing the Be-200 Fire-Fighting Amphibious Aircraft.
A South African public works program that uses firefighting as a jobs training and skills program. They utilize both rotary and fixed-wing assets. Look for the Aerial Firefighting link on the left menu bar.
The world's only commercial operator of the P-3 Orion. They have a fleet of air tankers operated country-wide and they also manufacture the tanks for various fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Other maintenance and engineering services are offered.

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