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Xtreme ALSE is an Aviation Life Support Equipment company operated out of Clarksville, Tennessee. They offer a wide variety of equipment and also helmet repair and refurbishment. They are also the exclusive US dealer for the Alpha helmet.
RESPRO manufactures a variety of passive particulate filtration masks. There is a line specifically for Fire Services/Industrial and is flame resistant. There is a lot of smoke and dust in our line of work. It might be good to use them.
Turbine Conversions is located in Nunica, Michigan. They manufacture a fire retardant drop gate that is approved by the FAA & IATB & BLM, a single point fueling system for M-18, AT etc, among other services.
"Precision Container Aerial Delivery System - PCADS™ allows airdropping on wildfires." The system utilizes retardant filled containers that are air dropped and disintegrate over their target. Interesting system.
A very user friendly and innovative flight bag that holds all your stuff: charts, books, headsets, cords, IPOD's, etc. Check it out. I recently bought the B25 and it holds my SPH helmet just fine. Finally a decent helmet carrier!
"For all your helicopter needs – from sales and leasing to overhaul and maintenance – Eagle Copters offers innovative solutions." I have picked up two aircraft from them now. Excellent work!
AG-NAV makes a variety of precision GPS products including the FIRE-NAV system which records flight path, water drops, fire areas, target lines and fire points for post analysis. It also provides proximity information about other aircraft.
Avia Russia, located in Moscow, Russia and Vancouver, Canada,partner of JSC Kamov Helicopter producers of the Ka-32A11BC. The Ka-32 is one of the most sought after firefighting helicopters. It comes equipped with the Simplex firefighting system.
Latitude Technologies is an innovator and manufactures a range of devices to enhance flight following. They pioneered the AFF system in 2001 and offer the Advanced Air Tanker Information System (AATIS), among others. Based in Victoria, B.C.
High Country Blenders is based in Carmichael, CA. They produce the AFG Firewall II adhesive polymer gel for firefighting and flame retardant applications. Their product color is florescent yellow in contrast to the red and blue products out there.
AFC is the manufacturer of the Water Hog bucket. Can be built to whatever capacity you need. Split drop and pump fill capable.
Helibalde is the manufacturer of the Helibalde aerial firefighting bucket. It collapses vertically to make a nice small package when stored. Sizes: 211 gallons up to 396. Multiple drop and fast fill capabilities.
The Fire Cache offers a wide variety of Wildland Firefighter equipment, PPE, gear, radios, etc. They are the same companies as Supply Cache and USAR-Cache.
Interesting concept. "Caylym Technologies International is the developer of the patent-pending Guardian™ Precision Container Aerial Delivery System (PCADS)." Air deployable via cargo planes, using GPS positioning data.
C.E.V. is a company in Italy that is also partnered with IMS New Zealand that carries the Cloudburst firefighting bucket and other equipment. Based in Aosta, Italy.
Heli-Hoyle is a family owned business that has been manufacturing synthetic line products since 1976. They are now partnered with IMS New Zealand and offer the Cloud Burst bucket, among other items. Based in Winfield, B.C., Canada.
IMS New Zealand Ltd designs and manufactures helicopter underslung load equipment, including the Ground Effect spreading/seeder bucket range and the Cloudburst fire fighting bucket, among others. Based in Havelock North, NZ.
SkyTrac, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is the world’s trusted supplier of SatCom systems for flight following, mapping and communications based on data, text and voice.
Trotter Controls, based in Fort Worth, Texas is the company that designed and builds the Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) for the Air Tractor AT-802F.
Government Sales, Inc. is a dealer in helmets, flight suits, and assorted equipment. They do refurbishments also.
Helmet F/X, based in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania is a dealer in MSA Gallet helicopter, and HGU fixed wing helmets. They refurbish, customize, and paint among other services.
The two AFS companies on the Links are different. Absolute Fire Solutions, based in Canada, is the developer and manufacturer of the bright yellow F.A.S.T. Bucket.
Cooline, based in Germany but has a American headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They offer a fleece cooling vest that you saturate in water and cools by evaporation. Supposed to stay dry to the touch. I'm checking for a Nomex fleece version.
Arctic Heat, based in Westwood, New Jersey, manufactures cooling vests and other garments that cool based on a gel system. I often use the neck coolers with great success. They do offer the vests in a fire resistant fabric.
Entrak, based in Wendelstein, Germany makes cooling vests for a number of industries and professions that have heat issues in the work environment. I would certainly like to give it a try. Polyester shell. I'm checking for a Nomex version.
Hoffman's is a small boot manufacturer based in Kellogg, Idaho, U.S.A. They offer a variety of boot styles designed and made for your needs. They also offer a full repair service. They also carry a variety of wildland firefighter gear.
This company offers a selection of vests and shirts with integrated tubes and flow system to offer cooling properties to pilots. I would love to try this out! I know I could have benefited from this many times.
Storm King Mountain TM was created to provide burn-over protection products to wildland fire fighters, using the latest in space-age materials and manufacturing techniques. It is named for the infamous incident that killed 14 in 1994.
Transaero, Inc. is another site to check for helmets, flight suits, and various other pilot equipment. They offer a variety of other items geared more toward military and airline customers but the flight equipment is most pertinent to our industry.
Founded over 30 years ago Onboard Systems manufactures and sells various cargo hooks, weighing systems, remote hooks, and long line equipment for the rotary wing industry.
PHOS-CHeK was started in 1962 and has since become a world known provider of firefighting foams, retardants, and gels. They are based in Ontario, California with satellite operations, one being in Post Falls, Idaho.
HelicopterHelmet.com offers MSA Gallet, Alpha, and Gentex helmets, along with a variety of other items like helmet bags, survival equipment, flight suits, etc...
Thrush Aircraft, Inc. manufactures a range of agricultural aircraft to fit any operation, from small to large with hopper capacities ranging from 400 to 710 gallons. They are based in Albany, Georgia, USA.
Oregon Aero offers a variety of products, mostly cushioning types of things. They make custom seat cushions for aircraft and a variety of aviation helmet upgrades. I use the Zeta Liner and Hush Kit Combo myself. Highly recommended!
EnviroTankers offers a complete line of environmentally friendly, double walled fuel tankers. These tankers can be specifically set up for those of us in the aerial firefighting industry.
True North Gear offers a variety of packs, bags, radio harnesses, etc. designed for fire crews.
Yet another manufacturer of Nomex fleece garments.
Massif is another manufacturer of Nomex-like clothing. Approved by NBC (former OAS). You can dress from head to toe in their flame resistant clothing lines. Based in Ashland, Oregon.
Chuck Roast is a company out of New Hampshire that produces flame resistant apparel for firefighters, among other professions.
FOL-DA-TANK had their first equipment patented in 1954. They offer a variety of portable tanks, blivets, dip tanks, and the Water Hog helicopter buckets. Based in Illinois.
Merit Apparel, with over 30 years experience, offers a full range of Gallet Flight Helmets, parts, and accessories.
Tiger Performance, based in NY, offers a range of Gallet aviation and marine helmets, headsets, communications, PFD's, etc...
Barry is a manufacturer and dealer in Aeronautical custom tow lines and bridle assemblies, cargo nets, longlines and barrel slings for all your long-lining needs.
The manufactures of the K-Max.
Kawak Aviation Technologies (formerly Ag-Air Systems) is a significant presence in Aerial Firefighting. They design and build systems for aerial application, helicopter firefighting, and auxiliary hydraulics.
Isolair is the manufacturer of a very popular belly tank system. It's products are used worldwide. Current systems for most Bell types, AS350's, and the Sokol W3A.
Gibson & Barnes (AKA Flightsuits.com) is a CA based outfitter for all sorts of pilot gear: uniforms, flight suits, flight jackets, leather jackets, boots, and accessories. Gentex helmets also.
Type One offers a variety of products from Bambi bucket parts, Heliwells, SCU's, Phos-chek, to Dragon Eggs. All sorts of stuff, primarily for the Rotary folks.
Helitak manufactures a range of under belly fixed tanks, fire buckets and hover pump systems. Started in 2006. Based in Australia.
Aerospace Filtration Systems (AFS) manufactures engine inlet filters to keep the dirt, grass, flaming vegetation, etc. out of your engine(s). Particularly nice for those of us that often operate in the field.
Bombardier (Canadair) is the manufacturer of the CL 415. The 215 is no longer in production.
Simplex is the largest manufacturer and distributor of STC approved fixed helicopter tank systems in the world, as well as the original helicopter Drip Torch, a fire fighting foam cannon for high rise buildings and distributor of the AFS FAST Bucket.
Air Tractor - The manufacturer of the AT-802F Air Tanker.
SEI Industries is the manufacturer of a number of products for the rotary wing folks, like the Bambi Bucket, Heliwell, Fireflex Pumpkin, and Dragon (Aerial Ignition Device), among others. Based near Vancouver, Canada.
Thermo Gel is a type of fire retardant that can be either applied from the air or directly from hoses by they ground troops. They have the new blue color for something a little different.

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