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  Aerial Firefighting

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ZFPS is a wildfire monitoring center in South Africa that was initially formed as a service to the Zululand timber industry. It has since grown to provide 24 hour/365 day services to a very large area of private timber producers.
Xtreme ALSE is an Aviation Life Support Equipment company operated out of Clarksville, Tennessee. They offer a wide variety of equipment and also helmet repair and refurbishment. They are also the exclusive US dealer for the Alpha helmet.
A South African public works program that uses firefighting as a jobs training and skills program. They utilize both rotary and fixed-wing assets. Look for the Aerial Firefighting link on the left menu bar.
Woody Contracting, Inc. is heavy lift company operating throughout the United States since 1974. Specializing in helicopter logging, wildland firefighting, and construction services.
Withrotor is based in Lakeview, Oregon, specializing helicopter lifting, utility operations and firefighting. They operate an S-61, 3 Bell UH-1's, and a Bell 206.
The mission of Wingbar "is to provide you with the best technical assistance and support for the wildland firefighting aviation industry." Consulting, training, inspections, etc. An industry leader. Partnered with SEI. J.P. Johnston - Instructor
Wildland Firefighter magazine has been in publication since 1996. Unfortunately the magazine is ceasing publication effective May 2008. Unsure if there will still be an on-line version.
This foundation, while not exclusively about aerial firefighting, is set up to honor and assist those firefighters, or families of, that have been injured or killed on the job. Thank you for your work.
Wildfire Magazine is much more geared towards the troops on the ground and not specific to Aerial Firefighting but would be a good source for Helitack and Smokejumpers.
The WGBCC is located in Reno, Nevada. Area of responsibility: Nevada and far northeastern California.
This is an official site for the West Yellowstone Smokejumpers. They are based just north of West Yellowstone, Montana, USA.
This is the Wenatchee Valley Rappellers / Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest rappell crew website. They are located near Wenatchee, Washington, USA.
I particularly like this site on a PDA or web-capable phone. You can get METAR's for where you are or where you hope to be.
Vision Air is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They operate 2 Bell 206's. Firefighting is one of the services offered.
VIH-Cougar is the U.S. branch of Canadian VIH Aviation Group. Their headquarters is in Bellingham, Washington with bases in Boise, Idaho and Galliano, Louisiana. S-61's, Bell 212's, 205's, and AS350's.
VIH Aviation Group is a very large helicopter operator based in Canada with worldwide contracts. VIH - Cougar is the U.S. division. The oldest division, VIH Helicopters, Ltd. has been in business 53 years as of 2008.
"Welcome to the Helicopter Industry's Vertical Reference Website. This website is for all of us in the helicopter world." Have a look at them. Job ads, Career Development info, and more.
Vertical is both a print and on-line magazine that is a great representation of the Rotary Wing industry. Photos, articles, job postings, and much more!
Valhalla Helicopters is yet another company based in Kelowna, B.C. They have a satellite operation in Grande Prairie, Alberta also. They operate a Bell 205++ and a 212 across Canada and internationally, if needed.
UTair Aviation is based in Russia. They have a very large fleet of helicopters that provide many worldwide services, including firefighting. Although they have a large fleet it is unknown if they offer fixed-wing firefighting services also.
This is a division of the United States Wildland Firefighters Association geared specifically for Wildland Air Tanker Pilots and Crews. Membership required for full access.
This is a direct link to the United States Wildland Firefighters - Helitack page. Go to their Home page for more information on the association.
This is the USWFA site specifically designed for Helitack firefighters.
This is the USWFA site dedicated to Airtanker Pilots and Crews. It can also be found under Fixed Wing Links: USWFA - Wildland Aviation Association
This is the main page on Ning for the United States Wildland Firefighters Association. It further breaks down to pages for Helitack, Tankers, and Smokejumpers.
This is the USWFA page dedicated to Smokejumpers.
ULTRA Helicopters Ltd.in business since 1993, is based in Peace River, Alberta with satellite bases around Canada. They operate a number of Bell products, the AS350, and the R-44.
Type One offers a variety of products from Bambi bucket parts, Heliwells, SCU's, Phos-chek, to Dragon Eggs. All sorts of stuff, primarily for the Rotary folks.
Turbine Conversions is located in Nunica, Michigan. They manufacture a fire retardant drop gate that is approved by the FAA & IATB & BLM, a single point fueling system for M-18, AT etc, among other services.
True North Gear offers a variety of packs, bags, radio harnesses, etc. designed for fire crews.
Trotter Controls, based in Fort Worth, Texas is the company that designed and builds the Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) for the Air Tractor AT-802F.
Transaero, Inc. is another site to check for helmets, flight suits, and various other pilot equipment. They offer a variety of other items geared more toward military and airline customers but the flight equipment is most pertinent to our industry.
Trans Aero has been in business since 2003. They offer a wide variety of services in the U.S. but can easily go international. They operate the SA315B Lama, SA316B Alouette, AS-350, SA330J Puma and Bell UH-1H. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Started in 1993, Titan is the No.1 large helicopter company in South Africa. They offer a very wide array of services, including 4 fixed Aerial Firefighting bases. They operate the MI-26, Kamov, MI-8, Bell 212, and R-44.
Tip Tops is the company that does the embroidery for the caps, that aren't for sale on the Store page yet. Interested? I'm working on it.
Tiger Performance, based in NY, offers a range of Gallet aviation and marine helmets, headsets, communications, PFD's, etc...
Thrush Aircraft, Inc. manufactures a range of agricultural aircraft to fit any operation, from small to large with hopper capacities ranging from 400 to 710 gallons. They are based in Albany, Georgia, USA.
Thermo Gel is a type of fire retardant that can be either applied from the air or directly from hoses by they ground troops. They have the new blue color for something a little different.
The God Machine - From Boomerangs to Black Hawks, The Story of the Helicopter. Not directly related to firefighting but if you want to know more about the history of the helicopter you might read this book.
Tangent Link is a company that organizes and hosts various conferences around the world. The host the Aerial Firefighting conferences that are periodically held all over. Australia soon and Rome in November 2009.
Swanson operates the Kmax, A315B Lama and AS350B2 Astar helicopters. They fight fire in the US and Australia.
Survival Systems specializes in aviation and marine safety and survival training. A bit of Dunker training for us wouldn't be a bad idea! One of us is bound to need it sometime.
Strath Air operates in both countries but appears to be based at the Tauranga Airport in New Zealand. They offer a wide variety of Part 135 and 119 services, including Aerial Firefighting.
Storm King Mountain TM was created to provide burn-over protection products to wildland fire fighters, using the latest in space-age materials and manufacturing techniques. It is named for the infamous incident that killed 14 in 1994.
Spotfire Images, by Mike McMillan, a BLM Smokejumper in Alaska. Mike has graciously allowed some of his fantastic photos to be used on this site, in exchange for a couple of really cool T-shirts, as soon as they are printed. Thanks Mike!
The SWCC is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Areas of responsibility: Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas.
Southern Helicopters, based in Sunshine, Louisiana, has been involved in aerial firefighting for years along with seismic, aerial camera work, etc. They operate Bell 206's and now AS350's.
The OSCC is located in Riverside, California. Area of responsibility: south of Sacramento.
The SACC is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Areas of responsibility: Everything including and south of Virginia and Kentucky, and east of (including) Texas, also includes the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
I can't really read Italian but I gather that SoREM is the Italian aerial firefighting service for fixed wings. They operate 19 CL-415's and 8 CL-215's. If you know the language and can help out, just drop me an email.
This is a page listing the contact information for all the 9 permanent Smokejumper bases in the US.
SkyVector is primarily a site for the purchase and download of aeronautical charts but has now incorporated flight planning into the site.
SkyTrac, based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is the world’s trusted supplier of SatCom systems for flight following, mapping and communications based on data, text and voice.
Skyline Helicopters is another company based in Kelowna, B.C. They have satellite bases in Terrace, Edson, and Billings. They operate 5 Bell 212's and 2 Agusta A119's. Firefighting is just one of many services offered throughout Canada.
Sinton Helicopters is based in Paso Robles, CA. They operate the AS350B3 and Bell Jet Ranger. The fly various fire missions, from fighting them to igniting them. They are also a 135 operation.
Simplex is the largest manufacturer and distributor of STC approved fixed helicopter tank systems in the world, as well as the original helicopter Drip Torch, a fire fighting foam cannon for high rise buildings and distributor of the AFS FAST Bucket.
Siller is based in Yuba City in Northern California. They operate a variety of aircraft from the Hiller 12E to the S-61 and S-64, from logging to aerial firefighting.
SEI Industries is the manufacturer of a number of products for the rotary wing folks, like the Bambi Bucket, Heliwell, Fireflex Pumpkin, and Dragon (Aerial Ignition Device), among others. Based near Vancouver, Canada.
New technologies for fire management in Southern Europe. If you can read French maybe you can help me out on this. This site was recommended to me but I can't read it.
San Joaquin Helicopters is based in Delano, CA. They offer firefighting services countrywide with Bell 212, 206L3 and the AS 350 B3.
Based in Delano, California, San Joaquin provides a large variety of helicopter services, including of course firefighting. They operate a number of Bell 205's and 212's.
SMS offers many courses including a course for Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) in the METS (Modular Egress Training Simulator). Customizable to company needs & simulate specific airframes. Excellent! I completed it in May 2010.
This is the entry for the S-64 on the Wikipedia site. If you see missing or inaccurate information please set them straight!
An article about Russian Smokejumpers in National Geographic Magazine in August 2002. In Russian they are called "Avialesookhrana".
Rotor-Lift started in 1991 in Helicopter Sales and Maintenance and later expanded to include operations. Charters, utility work & training. A fleet of 8: BK117, AS355 Twin Squirrel, AS350 Squirrel & Bell 206 Jetranger. Based in Cambridge, Tasmania.
Rogers Helicopters is one of the largest helicopter operators in California. They have been in business in the Fresno/Clovis, CA area for over 45 years.
The RMCC is located in Lakewood, Colorado. Areas of responsibility are: Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas.
River City Helicopters has been in business for over 20 years. They are based out of Post Falls, Idaho and does firefighting, aerial construction, and film work.
RESPRO manufactures a variety of passive particulate filtration masks. There is a line specifically for Fire Services/Industrial and is flame resistant. There is a lot of smoke and dust in our line of work. It might be good to use them.
Reeder Flying Service, Twin Falls, Idaho. A full service FBO, FAA repair station, aircraft sales and helicopter operator (Bell JetRangers and Eurocopter AS350's). They are one of the pioneers of the Aerial Firefighting industry.
This is the official government site for the Redmond Smokejumpers. They are based in Redmond, Oregon, USA.
Random Ramblings: Aerial Wildland Firefighting is a Blog created in July 2008 by K. Tyler Miller. Nice work Tyler.
Rampart is based in Castle Rock, Colorado. They offer a wide variety of services using the UH-1F and UH-1/703 "Super Huey". They also fight fires throughout the country.
Rainier Heli-lift, Inc. is based in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle. They specialize in the K-Max and offer a variety of services, including aerial firefighting.
Queen Bee Air Specialties operates several type III airtankers (AT-802F) fighting wildfires from coast to coast in the United States.
Prism is headquartered in Pitt Meadows (Vancouver) B.C. with bases in Port McNeill & Stewart, Canada, and also Wasilla, Alaska. They operate the H500D, AS350B2 & 3, and Bell 205 A-1
PJ Helicopters is based in Red Bluff, California. They have a fleet of 13 helicopters, mostly Bell, and offer a very wide variety of services, including...wait for it... aerial firefighting.
PHOS-CHeK was started in 1962 and has since become a world known provider of firefighting foams, retardants, and gels. They are based in Ontario, California with satellite operations, one being in Post Falls, Idaho.
This is Gary Linberry's personal page about his time with LA County Fire Department Air Ops and the Sikorsky Firehawk.
Hawaii's Complete Helicopter Services. Based in Kahului, HI. A varied fleet of Bell 206, UH-1, 212, 222, H-500, and S-61's.
Orsmond Aerial Spray was the pioneer of aerial fire fighting in Southern Africa. They are based in Bethlehem, South Africa. They operate a fleet of Ayres Turbo Thrushes for crop spraying and Aerial Firefighting.
Oregon Aero offers a variety of products, mostly cushioning types of things. They make custom seat cushions for aircraft and a variety of aviation helmet upgrades. I use the Zeta Liner and Hush Kit Combo myself. Highly recommended!
OWSweather.com is the OFFICIAL Southern California Weather Forecast center. From Santa Ana Winds to Winter Storms, the media, public, and interested party's forecast service serves. This site is for weather events that are current and upcoming.
One Foot in the Black is a novel About Wildland Firefighters (Helitack crew) written by Kurt Kamm. I have not read it yet but it definitely sounds interesting. Kurt also posts a regular blog.
Founded over 30 years ago Onboard Systems manufactures and sells various cargo hooks, weighing systems, remote hooks, and long line equipment for the rotary wing industry.
This site shows fire locations and statistics for large (100+ acres timber, 300+ acres grassland) active fires in Washington and Oregon.
This is a link the the NRCC page that hosts a number of links to printable Aviation Management forms for use in the field.
The NRCC is located in Missoula, Montana. Areas of responsibility: Montana, North Dakota, Northern Idaho, Yellowstone National Park.
The ONCC is located in Redding, California. Area of responsibility: Northern California (Sacramento area and north).
Northern Air Support/Kelowna Helicopters Services provides a wide variety of services. They were established in 1993 and are based in Kelowna, B.C. They operate 1 Bell 206, 3 Bell 407's, and 3 AS350B2's throughout Canada.
This is an unofficial site for the North Cascades Smokejumpers. Based in Winthrop, Washington, USA.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service. You can go here for just about all things weather related.
This is from the same NOAA link as the other one but this goes directly to the Fire Weather Forecast so you don't have to hunt for it.
New Air Helicopters is located in Durango, Colorado. They operate the MD-500E, Bell 206B III, and the Bell 206L III. They offer a wide variety of services. In operation since 1986 they are under new management as of 2009.
Neptune is based in Missoula, MT. They fight fires all over the continental US and Alaska. They operate the P2V-5 and the P2V-7's.
Link directly to the Aviation page.
A very extensive link for Smokejumper specific information.
This is a cool and handy map that you can just scroll across to view the current METAR conditions from all over the United States.
N.I.F.C. is the hub of all the U.S. wildland firefighting efforts and coordination between the various government agencies. Based in Boise, Idaho.
This link is also found under Coordination Centers.
This is the NAFC page for Australia. They coordinate all the national aerial firefighting efforts and assets.
NameTags4U does custom embroidered name tags, patches, shirts, jackets, etc, if you should want one. They also do decals.
The National Aerial FireFighting Academy (NAFA) is a training effort by and for personnel directly involved in aerial retardant and water delivery. This includes Airtanker, Helicopter, Single Engine Airtanker, Lead and Aerial Supervision aircraft.
The Musselshell Helitack Crew is a 10 person helitack module based at the Musselshell Work Center, located approximately 12 miles east of Pierce, Idaho on the Clearwater National Forest.
Paul Ross Jr. has been around the fire and helitack business for years now. He writes consistently for various publications like Vertical and Wildland Firefighter. He also will get some shirts for letting me use some photos. Thanks Paul!
Mountain West helicopters is another operator specializing in the K-Max. Based in Alpine, UT.
Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A., Mountain Air operates the SA315B Lama for a wide variety of services, including Aerial Firefighting.
This is an unofficial site for the Missoula Smokejumpers.
This is the official government site for the Missoula Smokejumpers. They are located in Missoula, Montana, USA.
Minuteman Aviation is based in Missoula, MT. They provide a full service FBO, charters, maintenance, and flight training. They offer both rotary and fixed wing firefighting services also.
Minuteman Aviation is based in Missoula, MT. They provide a full service FBO, charters, maintenance, and flight training. They offer both rotary and fixed wing firefighting services also.
Mike Peters, based in Los Angeles, is a photographer that has a nice website with numerous fire photos, to include LA County Fire - Aviation. Some very nice photos there Mike.
In business for over 40 years Midwest Helicopters operates S-58T's and provides a variety of services but specializes in external load work. They also are involved with Aerial Firefighting. They are based in Willowbrook, Illinois.
Merit Apparel, with over 30 years experience, offers a full range of Gallet Flight Helmets, parts, and accessories.
The McCall Smokejumpers unofficial Website. They are based in McCall, Idaho, USA.
This is the official government site for the McCall Smokejumpers.
Mauna Loa has 3 different locations in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, and Kona, the Big Island. They offer External Load and Mountain Training in the R-22 or R-44.
Massif is another manufacturer of Nomex-like clothing. Approved by NBC (former OAS). You can dress from head to toe in their flame resistant clothing lines. Based in Ashland, Oregon.
Mann Gulch, near Helena, Montana, was the site of a burn over on August 5, 1949 that killed 13 Smokejumpers.
The Malheur Rappel Crew is stationed at the John Day, OR airport. Established in 1971 the John Day facility is now the national training center for all OAS/FS rappel training, in addition to a full Helitack/Rappel crew for firefighting.
Wildfires, helicopters, and CL415's in Maine? Who knew? Thanks for the link Jeff.
Los Angeles Helicopters offers this comprehensive External Load Course for pilots aspiring to further their skills and career opportunities. The course focuses on developing fundamental skills for real time operations, and is drawing both major helic
Leading Edge Aviation is based in Central Oregon and offers a wide variety of services from flight training to fire support to an FAA Certified Repair Station. Bell 206's and Robinson's.
Latitude Technologies is an innovator and manufactures a range of devices to enhance flight following. They pioneered the AFF system in 2001 and offer the Advanced Air Tanker Information System (AATIS), among others. Based in Victoria, B.C.
Lane Aviation is a dealer for the Air Tractor series and parts. They are based in Rosenberg, TX.
This Ning website has a very nice collection of photos also of the LA County Air Ops.
Los Angeles County Fire Department Air Operations.
Kawak Aviation Technologies (formerly Ag-Air Systems) is a significant presence in Aerial Firefighting. They design and build systems for aerial application, helicopter firefighting, and auxiliary hydraulics.
Kananaskis, based in Alberta, Canada, is known for helitours of the area mountains but also offers flight training, including Mountain, Long-line, and Waterbucket training.
The manufactures of the K-Max.
Kachina is based in Nampa, Idaho and operates 4 Bell 205++'s. Aerial construction, firefighting, etc. I have been informed that they are now an American-owned company.
Just Helicopters is the partner site to Vertical Reference. Both sites are part of the Rotorcraft Pro Media Network. This site offers a lot of similar information but also includes a rather "entertaining" Original Forum.
JUMPING FIRE: A SMOKEJUMPER’S MEMOIR OF FIGHTING WILDFIRE. A veteran smokejumper recounts his three decades parachuting out of planes and fighting wildfires in the rugged West, told within the framework of one thrilling season.
JR Helicopters operates AS350BA, B2 and Bell 206B3 helicopters throughout the Pacific Northwest in a wide variety missions. They are based in Zillah, Washington, just south of Yakima.
John Marshall has been working fires for 8 years and a Missoula Smoke Jumper for 4. This site features a number of very good photos from the field.
Isolair is the manufacturer of a very popular belly tank system. It's products are used worldwide. Current systems for most Bell types, AS350's, and the Sokol W3A.
The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) is a non-profit, professional association representing members of the global wildland fire community.
US Department of the Interior link directly to form AMD-64B, used for recarding purposes for ROTARY WING aviators.
This site provides Notams, TFR information, an Airspace Guide, info on Presentations, Meetings, History, Meeting Minutes, and a variety of other information.
Department of the Interior: Aviation Management direct link to the AMD-64A form Interagency AIRPLANE Pilot Qualifications and Approval Record. Use this to submit for recarding. For FIXED WING aviators.
Various guides, checklists, procedures and PowerPoint presentations for Aerial Ignition operations.
Based in Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.A. Inter-Island Helicopters operates MD-500's for a variety of purposes, mainly tour flights, but also serves on the Kauai Search & Rescue team and is often called in for aerial firefighting missions.
Incident Information System - United States
IMS New Zealand Ltd designs and manufactures helicopter underslung load equipment, including the Ground Effect spreading/seeder bucket range and the Cloudburst fire fighting bucket, among others. Based in Havelock North, NZ.
Imagination Graphics Inc, is the company that built the Aerialfirefighting.com website and has done the graphics work on the logo, based on my and my wife's sketches and ideas.
2006 (current version)
Idaho Helicopters, Inc. was started in 1970 and is based at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho. They operate Bell 205's and 206's for a variety of missions, to include aerial firefighting.
Homestead Helicopters is based in Missoula, Montana and has a small fleet of Bell Jetrangers (BIII's and and L4) that are used on 2 different fire contracts in Montana and for flight training.
This is a direct link to Homestead Helicopters course offering page. They offer a number of courses in Vertical Reference, External Load, and Helicopter Firefighting.
Hoffman's is a small boot manufacturer based in Kellogg, Idaho, U.S.A. They offer a variety of boot styles designed and made for your needs. They also offer a full repair service. They also carry a variety of wildland firefighter gear.
Hirth Air Tankers is the last commercial operator of the Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon, one of the last World War II era aircraft being used for aerial firefighting. Unable to confirm if they are still in business.
Hillcrest Aircraft Company provides heli services for forest management, power line & building construction, photography, ignition, fire fighting & surveys. Bell 205, 206, 212, 407 and 430. FAA approved repair station. Based in Lewiston, ID.
High Country Blenders is based in Carmichael, CA. They produce the AFG Firewall II adhesive polymer gel for firefighting and flame retardant applications. Their product color is florescent yellow in contrast to the red and blue products out there.
Helmet F/X, based in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania is a dealer in MSA Gallet helicopter, and HGU fixed wing helmets. They refurbish, customize, and paint among other services.
The Heliwagon is a remote control helicopter landing pad for light and medium aircraft. Would be pretty useful at a fixed base with limited personnel for ground handling. No tug required!
Helitak manufactures a range of under belly fixed tanks, fire buckets and hover pump systems. Started in 2006. Based in Australia.
This is the Wikipedia entry for Helitack. Feel free to add or correct any information.
Heliqwest is located in Montrose, Colorado and Edmonton, Alberta, CA. They have a varied fleet of AS-350's, Bell Super 205's, and K-Max's. Firefighting is one of their many operational specialties.
This is the HeliOps Gallery "Firefighting" photo album. Some great photos there. There's quite a few different albums of all sorts of helicopter photos also.
HeliOps is a print & on-line magazine dedicated to the civilian helicopter world. Helitac, it's sister magazine, features the military side of things.
"Helicopters magazine is Canada's only national helicopter magazine, providing comprehensive coverage of commercial, corporate, general and military rotary-wing aviation in Canada and around the world." Fire Season Preview issue in May/June.
HelicopterHelmet.com offers MSA Gallet, Alpha, and Gentex helmets, along with a variety of other items like helmet bags, survival equipment, flight suits, etc...
Helicopter Transport Services, or HTS, operates extensively in Canada, less in the US, with a large and widely varied fleet: CH-54, S-64, S-61, S-58T, Bell 212, 214ST, 205, 407, 206B, 206L, AS-350, and MD520N.
Helicopter Express offers helicopter services ranging from Aerial Firefighting to Executive Helicopter Charters covering the entire continental United States. Based in Lawrenceville, GA.
HAI is the premier Helicopter Association worldwide. As titled, the association represents and covers rotorcraft business and operations worldwide. A very large convention is held annually in the US.
Helibalde is the manufacturer of the Helibalde aerial firefighting bucket. It collapses vertically to make a nice small package when stored. Sizes: 211 gallons up to 396. Multiple drop and fast fill capabilities.
Heli-Hoyle is a family owned business that has been manufacturing synthetic line products since 1976. They are now partnered with IMS New Zealand and offer the Cloud Burst bucket, among other items. Based in Winfield, B.C., Canada.
Heli-Dunn is based in Phoenix, Oregon, just outside Medford. They have been in business since 2007 and operate 2 AS350B2's. They have the Fairbanks Helitack (BLM) contract, starting in May 2010.
Heli Harvest operates two Mi-8 helicopters on contracts all over. They are based in Taupo, New Zealand. They had at least one in Turkey for the 2009 summer season.
This is NOT the same company as Guardian - Canada. Guardian - USA is based in Van Nuys, California and offers everything from offshore support to charters to firefighting. They operate Bell UH-1's, 206's, and AS-350's.
Guardian Helicopters was formed in 1995 and is now based in Calgary, Alberta. They operate 15 light to medium helicopters from Bell, Eurocopter, and McDonnell Douglas throughout North America.
Griffin is a custom model aircraft manufacturer. The have great scale models of a wide variety of aircraft. Some firefighters have already been produced. Take a look.
This is the official Grangeville Smokejumpers website. They are located in Grangeville, Idaho, USA.
No known private website yet. This link is to the Helicopter Training Academy - Logistics web page but scroll down for the contact info for the helibase.
Government Sales, Inc. is a dealer in helmets, flight suits, and assorted equipment. They do refurbishments also.
The GFMC is an Activity of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR). It is based in Freiburg, Germany.
Glacier Aviation, Inc. is based in Washington state. They offer Industrial Training in the Bell 206BIII which can include External Load, Mountain, and Fire Suppression training.
Gibson & Barnes (AKA Flightsuits.com) is a CA based outfitter for all sorts of pilot gear: uniforms, flight suits, flight jackets, leather jackets, boots, and accessories. Gentex helmets also.
Geo-Seis is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and in operation since 1982. They have extensive international operations and a number of Department of Defense contracts. Not as much as in previous years but they still offer firefighting services.
The Frazier Rappel Base is one of five Rappel programs in the Pacific Northwest Region. Located near Ukiah, Oregon, USA in the Umatilla National Forest.
FOL-DA-TANK had their first equipment patented in 1954. They offer a variety of portable tanks, blivets, dip tanks, and the Water Hog helicopter buckets. Based in Illinois.
The current fire weather outlook quick-link is on the upper right.
"Precision Container Aerial Delivery System - PCADS™ allows airdropping on wildfires." The system utilizes retardant filled containers that are air dropped and disintegrate over their target. Interesting system.
Firestop is the online home of the KwaZulu-Natal Fire Protection Association (Umbrella Fire Protection Association. They operate Ayres Turbo Thrushes, Cessna spotters, Hueys, and Mi-8's.
The FirePirates website. Mostly geared towards the fixed wing corner of the industry. We think a lot alike. Even similarities in our logos. (Disclaimer: I had designed mine before I ever ran across the FirePirates.)
Firehawk/Brainerd Helicopters. The world's only commercial operator of the S-70 (UH-60) Blackhawk. (4 of them) Primarily firefighting, with the occasional lift job, film, or disaster relief. They also operate 3 AS350B3's.
Firefighterup.com is a site that offer various T-shirt, hat, and Department Gear designs. Custom work done. They also offer the 2008 Memorial shirt for the 10 firefighters that died on the Iron Complex.
This is Michael Archer's 6 day a week fire update Blog. If you like what he's got to say and would like to see more, go ahead and subscribe.
This website is operated by Michael Archer. He is the author of Firestorm and Firebombers Incorporated. He also publishes a daily international fire update on his blog.
This is old information (2002) but gives a good insight into the firefighting efforts and difficulties in Mongolia. I don't think the article mentions it but did you know they have Smokejumpers?
The Fire Pilots Association of Los Angeles County is open to LA County Fire pilots but will likely also soon include pilots from other public firefighting agencies.
Fire Heli is a blog about the adventures of 3 Bell 206's and any Helitack crews associated with them. They are named "Lucy", "LaFawnduh", and "Layla". Hosted on the Chicken Wings Forum.
Fire Diving is the latest extreme sport. This is a fairly well thought out site and a real hoot to read through. A must see for all bucket, tank, and scooper pilots. Help perpetuate the urban myth!
The Fire Cache offers a wide variety of Wildland Firefighter equipment, PPE, gear, radios, etc. They are the same companies as Supply Cache and USAR-Cache.
Fire Boss (by Wipaire, Inc.) offers the 802 Air Tractor that is on amphibious floats with SCOOPING capability. They are headquartered in South St. Paul, Minnesota. They also have an office in Europe.
In addition to some vintage propellers for sale Philip Wallick has produced an hour-long DVD on the history of the Fire Bomber program.
This link goes directly to the USA Wildland Firefighting section of the Fire Publications by Wolfgang Jendsch. It is to the English version. It contains various photos and information gathered from his extensive travels to fires in the U.S.
Feuerwehrpresse is a website operated by Wolfgang Jendsch from Germany. He is the author of over 30 books covering the firefighting industry. The site is featured in both German and English.
Uhh... Self explanatory.
The Supertanker is a modified 747 that can carry up to 24,000 gallons of retardant, fight fire at night, and operate worldwide. It will be available starting in June 2008.
Evergreen helicopters offers a wide variety of aircraft for firefighting services worldwide. Tanker 707 (6979R) was my first season on the fires, as SIC. We used a Bambi bucket though.
Erickson Air-Crane is the world's largest operator of the S-64 Skycrane. They have firefighting contracts worldwide.
Era Helicopters has permanent bases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Although mostly known for oil industry support they do have firefighting operations.
EnviroTankers offers a complete line of environmentally friendly, double walled fuel tankers. These tankers can be specifically set up for those of us in the aerial firefighting industry.
Entrak, based in Wendelstein, Germany makes cooling vests for a number of industries and professions that have heat issues in the work environment. I would certainly like to give it a try. Polyester shell. I'm checking for a Nomex version.
Elbow River operates heli-skiing, seismic and fire suppression in Western Alberta and BC along with Mineral Exploration throughout Canada. 3 – Bell 206L3, 1 – Bell 407, and 1 – Bell 212. Based in Calgary, Alberta.
EDMO is a WHOLESALE distributor of aircraft avionics, avionics test equipment, installation and pilot supplies. Find out about the latest products and who sells them in your area.
I couldn't help but put this one up. I think it is just too cool that my aircraft, by exact tail number even, was made into a model and is being sold worldwide. ...Yes Dad, you'll be getting one for Father's Day.
The EGBCC is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Area of responsibility: Southern Idaho, far western Wyoming, Utah, and part of Northwestern Arizona to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.
The EACC is located in Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Areas of responsibility: A 20 state region that is everything northeast of, and inlcuding, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.
Eagle Helicopters is based in Spokane, Washington and operates 3 AS350 helicopters in a wide variety of operations, to include fire fighting.
"For all your helicopter needs – from sales and leasing to overhaul and maintenance – Eagle Copters offers innovative solutions." I have picked up two aircraft from them now. Excellent work!
Yes, even DynCorp is involved in Aerial Firefighting. The info is pretty hard to find but as near as I can tell they operate fixed wing aircraft in California. Possibly other worldwide areas.
DUATS is a registered user flight planning website.
Yet another manufacturer of Nomex fleece garments.
Downstown Aero has been in the aerial application business since 1945 on spraying and firefighting contracts with federal, state, and county agencies. They operate exclusively in the Northeast states.
Interesting concept. "Caylym Technologies International is the developer of the patent-pending Guardian™ Precision Container Aerial Delivery System (PCADS)." Air deployable via cargo planes, using GPS positioning data.
Croman is based in White City, Oregon, USA and operates the Sikorsky S-61, Bell 206BIII Jet Ranger, Lama 315B, and Hiller 12E Soloy helicopters in many different roles. Firefighting being one of them.
CFA is one of the world's largest volunteer based emergency management organizations. This site offers fire information to the general public. On large brush fire incidents they coordinate aerial firefighting assets.
The world's largest flying boats ever flown operationally and the company which operates them as waterbombers.
Coulson Aircrane, operating worldwide, is based in Port Alberni, B.C. They operate the Sikorsky S-61 in Executive Transport and other Utility operations like logging and firefighting. They show 2 of 4 S-61's working fires in Australia.
C.E.V. is a company in Italy that is also partnered with IMS New Zealand that carries the Cloudburst firefighting bucket and other equipment. Based in Aosta, Italy.
Cooline, based in Germany but has a American headquarters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They offer a fleece cooling vest that you saturate in water and cools by evaporation. Supposed to stay dry to the touch. I'm checking for a Nomex fleece version.
Construction Helicopters, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, offers a range of services, including firefighting, using the S-58T and S-61.
Conair is based in British Columbia, Canada and is a worldwide operator of various fixed wing retardant delivery and Air Attack "Bird-Dog" platforms. They have been in operation for over 35 years.
Columbia Helicopters has a large fleet of BV-107 Vertols and a couple of Boeing 234 Chinooks. Varied missions, to include firefighting. Well done site. Lots of information about the company.
The Idaho Department of Lands pages for the Coeur d'Alene Helitack crew. Based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA.
Chuck Roast is a company out of New Hampshire that produces flame resistant apparel for firefighters, among other professions.
CC Helicopters is based in Kamloops, B.C. with satellite bases in Lillooet, Williams Lake, and Grand Forks. They operate the Bell 206, 206L, 407, 212, and 412. Tours, fires, etc...
Carson Helicopters has a large number of Sikorsky S-61's with both a tank system or buckets. They have bases in Pennsylvania and Oregon. In the aftermath of the 2008 accident they no longer have firefighting contracts in the US. Overseas? Maybe.
This link is to the NTSB Docket Management System and all the collected evidence, information, interviews, etc. regarding the Carson S-61 crash in California in 2008 that killed 9. Released on 09-16-2009.
The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) provides operational wildland fire-control services, as well as management and information services to its Member Agencies.
Canadian Helicopters is an enormous company that offers services all over Canada and internationally. They operate the S-61, S-76, AS350, AS355, Bell 206B, 206L, and 212. They also have a Mountain Course in Penticton, B.C.
This is the Wikipedia entry for the Canadair CL-215. If you see something incorrect or omitted in the entry you can set them straight.
This is the official government site for the California Smokejumpers. Region 5. They are based in Redding, California, USA.
"The goal of CFPA is to promote a safe and fair workplace for those pilots working under CDF contract."
Founded in 1946, Butler Aircraft contracts with the Oregon Department of Forestry for multi-engine aerial firefighting. They also operate a full service FBO at Roberts Field, Oregon (RDM).
Burundaiavia operates a large number of MI-8MTV-1's throughout Kazakhstan and also worldwide for SAR, Medevac, Humanitarian, and Aerial Firefighting missions, among others. They are primarily based at the Boraldai airport.
The Fire and Aviation Directorate is responsible for aircraft operation support for wildfire and resource management missions within the Bureau. BLM’s aviation program is the largest within the Department of Interior’s eight Bureaus.
Brim Aviation is a utility operator based in Ashland, Oregon, with branch offices in Alaska, Arizona and Texas. They operate MD 500's, 600's, and R-44's. Aerial firefighting, and starting, are some of their many services.
A very user friendly and innovative flight bag that holds all your stuff: charts, books, headsets, cords, IPOD's, etc. Check it out. I recently bought the B25 and it holds my SPH helmet just fine. Finally a decent helmet carrier!
Bombardier (Canadair) is the manufacturer of the CL 415. The 215 is no longer in production.
Bombardier (Canadair) is the manufacturer of the CL 415. The 215 is no longer in production.
Extensive Dispatch website covering much information. Some downloads are available but password protected.
Boise BLM Helitack is based in Boise, Idaho.
Billings Flying Service, based in Billings, MT operates the Puma, S-61, UH-1, and Bell 206.
A German website (The Global Fire Monitoring Center) describing the Be-200 Fire-Fighting Amphibious Aircraft.
Basler Turbo does turbo conversions to the DC-3, thus becoming the BT-67.
Barry is a manufacturer and dealer in Aeronautical custom tow lines and bridle assemblies, cargo nets, longlines and barrel slings for all your long-lining needs.
ASU is the sole authorized dealer for ITT Night Vision Goggles. They offer training and aircraft modification. Most of us won't need them but some California operators are now firefighting at night using the goggles.
Policy/Manuals/Guides and Related Links
Avia Russia, located in Moscow, Russia and Vancouver, Canada,partner of JSC Kamov Helicopter producers of the Ka-32A11BC. The Ka-32 is one of the most sought after firefighting helicopters. It comes equipped with the Simplex firefighting system.
Australian Helicopters is the largest Australian owned helicopter operator in the country. They operate emergency medical and rescue services, aerial surveillance, marine pilot transfer, fire-fighting, tourism and charters.
Specifics on the AT-802F Air Tractor.
"The Associated Airtanker Pilots and Aerial Firefighters provides a united forum to promote the safety and welfare of aerial firefighters. This is accomplished through active programs of safety, legislation, public relations, and education."
This is a very interesting website put together to list many of the aircraft wrecks in Arizona. Go to the home page to see the rest but the link opens up straight to the Aerial Firefighting related accidents.
ARIS is based in San Jose and Riverside, California. They have been in operation since 1972. They operate 1 Hughes 500D, 1 Bell 206B III, 1 As350B Astar, and 3 Sikorsky S-58T's, with another Sikorsky S-58T on the way (as of 2009).
ARDCO, Inc. is an aerial firefighting company with its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. They provide professional aerial firefighting services to the Federal Government throughout the United States.
Arctic Heat, based in Westwood, New Jersey, manufactures cooling vests and other garments that cool based on a gel system. I often use the neck coolers with great success. They do offer the vests in a fire resistant fabric.
AquaAir, Inc., Alamogordo, NM operates 1 P2V Neptune.
The country's first Helitack unit.
AHSAFA is a nonprofit trade association organized for the purpose of promoting and advancing the common interest and welfare of companies engaged in forest and wildland firefighting and other aerial activities.
Alpine Helicopters, is based in Kelowna, with bases in Calgary, AB and Golden BC. Operating 20 Bell 212 HP's, 4 206B3's, 7 206L3's & 7 407's. Corporate Headquarters is now in Boulder, Colorado.
This is the unofficial site for the Alaska Smokejumpers.
This is the official government site for the Alaska Smokejumpers. They work for both the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. They are based in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, USA.
The current Alaska situation report.
The Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) is the Geographic Area Coordination Center for Alaska. Located on Ft. Wainwright (near Fairbanks).
The AICC is located on Ft. Wainwright (near Fairbanks). Area of responsibility: Alaska.
Airliners.net has over a million photos on-line of all sorts of aircraft. This link takes you directly to the photo search engine. What are you looking for? It's probably in there.
Aircrane, Inc. operates the S-58T country-wide in all aspects of external load work, including of course, Aerial Firefighting. They have been in business over 16 years and are based in Winder, Georgia, USA.
The ALEA is an association for Airborne Law Enforcemnt types but, since some of those agencies also do limited firefighting in their areas, I have included them here.
Air Tractor - The manufacturer of the AT-802F Air Tanker.
Air Tanker Art is produced by Marilynn Flynn. She is offering a variety of products that display some of her artworks. She has an interesting resume of art and a unique connection to the industry.
Air Spray, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a family-owned and operated aviation company specializing in air tanker forest fire suppression in Canada and Turkey for 40+ years. They operate the L-188 Electra, the CL-215, and the Turbo Commander.
Air Nav is a fairly basic flight planner that is particularly useful for planning fuel stops. I actually use it more often than others.
AG-NAV makes a variety of precision GPS products including the FIRE-NAV system which records flight path, water drops, fire areas, target lines and fire points for post analysis. It also provides proximity information about other aircraft.
Aerospace Filtration Systems (AFS) manufactures engine inlet filters to keep the dirt, grass, flaming vegetation, etc. out of your engine(s). Particularly nice for those of us that often operate in the field.
AeroWeather offers movable Sectional views, Metars, Sunrise/Sunset times, and Approach Minimums. Just plug in the identifier for where you want to look.
The world's only commercial operator of the P-3 Orion. They have a fleet of air tankers operated country-wide and they also manufacture the tanks for various fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Other maintenance and engineering services are offered.
"For more than 30 years, Aero Tech has been serving private and public entities in the U.S. and overseas with aviation and aerial application services." Rotary and Fixed Wing services.
"For more than 30 years, Aero Tech has been serving private and public entities in the U.S. and overseas with aviation and aerial application services." Rotary and Fixed Wing services.
This company offers a selection of vests and shirts with integrated tubes and flow system to offer cooling properties to pilots. I would love to try this out! I know I could have benefited from this many times.
Aero Flite provides aircraft, crews and ground support to service federal and state wildland firefighting agency contracts throughout the continental United States and Alaska.
Aero Flite, based in Kingman, Arizona, is the largest private operator of the CL-215 in North America. They have been in business since 1963. They operate in Alaska, Canada, and the continental U.S.
The Aerial Firefighting Industry Association (AFIA) promotes and advances common interests/welfare of companies engaged in wildland firefighting utilizing multi-engine airtankers, heli-tankers, and single engine airtankers.
This book by Wolfgang Jendsch, 2008, is offered on Amazon.com. I have not read it yet but the customer reviews give it good ratings. It contains lots of photos and information on the industry, worldwide.
"Sharing information and off-the-shelf technology to better fight fires from the air". They offer a blog and discussion board with info on a number of GIS, video, photo, and other electronic systems designed to assist with Aerial Firefigting.
AFC is the manufacturer of the Water Hog bucket. Can be built to whatever capacity you need. Split drop and pump fill capable.
The two AFS companies on the Links are different. Absolute Fire Solutions, based in Canada, is the developer and manufacturer of the bright yellow F.A.S.T. Bucket.
The official website of the venerable "Triple Nickles", 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion that jumped on fires in the U.S. Northwest at the tail end of WWII.
10 Tanker is the developer and operator of the growing series of DC-10 aircraft that are now being used in the U.S. and Australia. Based in Victorville, CA.
Bruce L. "Buck" Nelson's personal page about his 20+ years as a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Smokejumper based in Alaska.

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