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  Aerial Firefighting

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Reeder Flying Service, Twin Falls, Idaho. A full service FBO, FAA repair station, aircraft sales and helicopter operator (Bell JetRangers and Eurocopter AS350's). They are one of the pioneers of the Aerial Firefighting industry.
River City Helicopters has been in business for over 20 years. They are based out of Post Falls, Idaho and does firefighting, aerial construction, and film work.
Rogers Helicopters is one of the largest helicopter operators in California. They have been in business in the Fresno/Clovis, CA area for over 45 years.
Rotor-Lift started in 1991 in Helicopter Sales and Maintenance and later expanded to include operations. Charters, utility work & training. A fleet of 8: BK117, AS355 Twin Squirrel, AS350 Squirrel & Bell 206 Jetranger. Based in Cambridge, Tasmania.
This is the entry for the S-64 on the Wikipedia site. If you see missing or inaccurate information please set them straight!
San Joaquin Helicopters is based in Delano, CA. They offer firefighting services countrywide with Bell 212, 206L3 and the AS 350 B3.
Based in Delano, California, San Joaquin provides a large variety of helicopter services, including of course firefighting. They operate a number of Bell 205's and 212's.
Siller is based in Yuba City in Northern California. They operate a variety of aircraft from the Hiller 12E to the S-61 and S-64, from logging to aerial firefighting.
Sinton Helicopters is based in Paso Robles, CA. They operate the AS350B3 and Bell Jet Ranger. The fly various fire missions, from fighting them to igniting them. They are also a 135 operation.
Skyline Helicopters is another company based in Kelowna, B.C. They have satellite bases in Terrace, Edson, and Billings. They operate 5 Bell 212's and 2 Agusta A119's. Firefighting is just one of many services offered throughout Canada.
Southern Helicopters, based in Sunshine, Louisiana, has been involved in aerial firefighting for years along with seismic, aerial camera work, etc. They operate Bell 206's and now AS350's.
Strath Air operates in both countries but appears to be based at the Tauranga Airport in New Zealand. They offer a wide variety of Part 135 and 119 services, including Aerial Firefighting.
Swanson operates the Kmax, A315B Lama and AS350B2 Astar helicopters. They fight fire in the US and Australia.
Started in 1993, Titan is the No.1 large helicopter company in South Africa. They offer a very wide array of services, including 4 fixed Aerial Firefighting bases. They operate the MI-26, Kamov, MI-8, Bell 212, and R-44.
Trans Aero has been in business since 2003. They offer a wide variety of services in the U.S. but can easily go international. They operate the SA315B Lama, SA316B Alouette, AS-350, SA330J Puma and Bell UH-1H. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
ULTRA Helicopters Ltd.in business since 1993, is based in Peace River, Alberta with satellite bases around Canada. They operate a number of Bell products, the AS350, and the R-44.
UTair Aviation is based in Russia. They have a very large fleet of helicopters that provide many worldwide services, including firefighting. Although they have a large fleet it is unknown if they offer fixed-wing firefighting services also.
Valhalla Helicopters is yet another company based in Kelowna, B.C. They have a satellite operation in Grande Prairie, Alberta also. They operate a Bell 205++ and a 212 across Canada and internationally, if needed.
VIH Aviation Group is a very large helicopter operator based in Canada with worldwide contracts. VIH - Cougar is the U.S. division. The oldest division, VIH Helicopters, Ltd. has been in business 53 years as of 2008.
VIH-Cougar is the U.S. branch of Canadian VIH Aviation Group. Their headquarters is in Bellingham, Washington with bases in Boise, Idaho and Galliano, Louisiana. S-61's, Bell 212's, 205's, and AS350's.
Vision Air is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They operate 2 Bell 206's. Firefighting is one of the services offered.
Withrotor is based in Lakeview, Oregon, specializing helicopter lifting, utility operations and firefighting. They operate an S-61, 3 Bell UH-1's, and a Bell 206.
Woody Contracting, Inc. is heavy lift company operating throughout the United States since 1974. Specializing in helicopter logging, wildland firefighting, and construction services.
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