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The Aerial Firefighting Industry Association (AFIA) promotes and advances common interests/welfare of companies engaged in wildland firefighting utilizing multi-engine airtankers, heli-tankers, and single engine airtankers.
The ALEA is an association for Airborne Law Enforcemnt types but, since some of those agencies also do limited firefighting in their areas, I have included them here.
AHSAFA is a nonprofit trade association organized for the purpose of promoting and advancing the common interest and welfare of companies engaged in forest and wildland firefighting and other aerial activities.
"The Associated Airtanker Pilots and Aerial Firefighters provides a united forum to promote the safety and welfare of aerial firefighters. This is accomplished through active programs of safety, legislation, public relations, and education."
"The goal of CFPA is to promote a safe and fair workplace for those pilots working under CDF contract."
The Fire Pilots Association of Los Angeles County is open to LA County Fire pilots but will likely also soon include pilots from other public firefighting agencies.
HAI is the premier Helicopter Association worldwide. As titled, the association represents and covers rotorcraft business and operations worldwide. A very large convention is held annually in the US.
The International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) is a non-profit, professional association representing members of the global wildland fire community.
This is the main page on Ning for the United States Wildland Firefighters Association. It further breaks down to pages for Helitack, Tankers, and Smokejumpers.
This is the USWFA site dedicated to Airtanker Pilots and Crews. It can also be found under Fixed Wing Links: USWFA - Wildland Aviation Association

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