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  Aerial Firefighting

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"Sharing information and off-the-shelf technology to better fight fires from the air". They offer a blog and discussion board with info on a number of GIS, video, photo, and other electronic systems designed to assist with Aerial Firefigting.
The current Alaska situation report.
CFA is one of the world's largest volunteer based emergency management organizations. This site offers fire information to the general public. On large brush fire incidents they coordinate aerial firefighting assets.
This is old information (2002) but gives a good insight into the firefighting efforts and difficulties in Mongolia. I don't think the article mentions it but did you know they have Smokejumpers?
This is Michael Archer's 6 day a week fire update Blog. If you like what he's got to say and would like to see more, go ahead and subscribe.
Incident Information System - United States
This site shows fire locations and statistics for large (100+ acres timber, 300+ acres grassland) active fires in Washington and Oregon.
ZFPS is a wildfire monitoring center in South Africa that was initially formed as a service to the Zululand timber industry. It has since grown to provide 24 hour/365 day services to a very large area of private timber producers.

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