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  Aerial Firefighting

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Airliners.net has over a million photos on-line of all sorts of aircraft. This link takes you directly to the photo search engine. What are you looking for? It's probably in there.
In addition to some vintage propellers for sale Philip Wallick has produced an hour-long DVD on the history of the Fire Bomber program.
This is the HeliOps Gallery "Firefighting" photo album. Some great photos there. There's quite a few different albums of all sorts of helicopter photos also.
John Marshall has been working fires for 8 years and a Missoula Smoke Jumper for 4. This site features a number of very good photos from the field.
This Ning website has a very nice collection of photos also of the LA County Air Ops.
Mike Peters, based in Los Angeles, is a photographer that has a nice website with numerous fire photos, to include LA County Fire - Aviation. Some very nice photos there Mike.
Paul Ross Jr. has been around the fire and helitack business for years now. He writes consistently for various publications like Vertical and Wildland Firefighter. He also will get some shirts for letting me use some photos. Thanks Paul!
Spotfire Images, by Mike McMillan, a BLM Smokejumper in Alaska. Mike has graciously allowed some of his fantastic photos to be used on this site, in exchange for a couple of really cool T-shirts, as soon as they are printed. Thanks Mike!

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