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  Aerial Firefighting

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This book by Wolfgang Jendsch, 2008, is offered on Amazon.com. I have not read it yet but the customer reviews give it good ratings. It contains lots of photos and information on the industry, worldwide.
Air Tanker Art is produced by Marilynn Flynn. She is offering a variety of products that display some of her artworks. She has an interesting resume of art and a unique connection to the industry.
This is a very interesting website put together to list many of the aircraft wrecks in Arizona. Go to the home page to see the rest but the link opens up straight to the Aerial Firefighting related accidents.
This link is to the NTSB Docket Management System and all the collected evidence, information, interviews, etc. regarding the Carson S-61 crash in California in 2008 that killed 9. Released on 09-16-2009.
I couldn't help but put this one up. I think it is just too cool that my aircraft, by exact tail number even, was made into a model and is being sold worldwide. ...Yes Dad, you'll be getting one for Father's Day.
EDMO is a WHOLESALE distributor of aircraft avionics, avionics test equipment, installation and pilot supplies. Find out about the latest products and who sells them in your area.
Fire Diving is the latest extreme sport. This is a fairly well thought out site and a real hoot to read through. A must see for all bucket, tank, and scooper pilots. Help perpetuate the urban myth!
Fire Heli is a blog about the adventures of 3 Bell 206's and any Helitack crews associated with them. They are named "Lucy", "LaFawnduh", and "Layla". Hosted on the Chicken Wings Forum.
Firefighterup.com is a site that offer various T-shirt, hat, and Department Gear designs. Custom work done. They also offer the 2008 Memorial shirt for the 10 firefighters that died on the Iron Complex.
Griffin is a custom model aircraft manufacturer. The have great scale models of a wide variety of aircraft. Some firefighters have already been produced. Take a look.
The Heliwagon is a remote control helicopter landing pad for light and medium aircraft. Would be pretty useful at a fixed base with limited personnel for ground handling. No tug required!
Imagination Graphics Inc, is the company that built the Aerialfirefighting.com website and has done the graphics work on the logo, based on my and my wife's sketches and ideas.
JUMPING FIRE: A SMOKEJUMPERíS MEMOIR OF FIGHTING WILDFIRE. A veteran smokejumper recounts his three decades parachuting out of planes and fighting wildfires in the rugged West, told within the framework of one thrilling season.
Just Helicopters is the partner site to Vertical Reference. Both sites are part of the Rotorcraft Pro Media Network. This site offers a lot of similar information but also includes a rather "entertaining" Original Forum.
Mann Gulch, near Helena, Montana, was the site of a burn over on August 5, 1949 that killed 13 Smokejumpers.
NameTags4U does custom embroidered name tags, patches, shirts, jackets, etc, if you should want one. They also do decals.
One Foot in the Black is a novel About Wildland Firefighters (Helitack crew) written by Kurt Kamm. I have not read it yet but it definitely sounds interesting. Kurt also posts a regular blog.
Random Ramblings: Aerial Wildland Firefighting is a Blog created in July 2008 by K. Tyler Miller. Nice work Tyler.
New technologies for fire management in Southern Europe. If you can read French maybe you can help me out on this. This site was recommended to me but I can't read it.
Tangent Link is a company that organizes and hosts various conferences around the world. The host the Aerial Firefighting conferences that are periodically held all over. Australia soon and Rome in November 2009.
The God Machine - From Boomerangs to Black Hawks, The Story of the Helicopter. Not directly related to firefighting but if you want to know more about the history of the helicopter you might read this book.
Tip Tops is the company that does the embroidery for the caps, that aren't for sale on the Store page yet. Interested? I'm working on it.
"Welcome to the Helicopter Industry's Vertical Reference Website. This website is for all of us in the helicopter world." Have a look at them. Job ads, Career Development info, and more.

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