Rotary wing aircraft.  My first true love.  This is my section of the industry but I don't claim to be the all-knowing type.  There is much about the industry I still don't know a lot about.  Some people have a gift for numbers, some a gift for remembering lots of information.  I seem to be good at remembering a lot of trivia that is scattered across the spectrum of topics.  How much that may help me in developing this site and the information contained within is left to be seen. 
   Fortunately much of the information is already out there.  I just have to find it and set up the link.  That doesn't seem so hard but it is actually a lot more work than I anticipated.  It is quite interesting though.  I have come across more websites and bits of information than I have time to delve into.  (My wife thought I spent a lot of time on the computer before...!)  Often I'll just bookmark the site and save the link to post here.  The more information I find the more excited I get about assembling all the links into one convenient place for others to find.  So, for my fellow stick-wigglers out there if you have any input, information, or photos involving Aerial Firefighting please get it to me.  I'll get it out for everyone's benefit.  Thanks for viewing and come back often!