Welcome to the Fixed Wing area of this site.  I will do my best to properly represent this section of the Aerial Firefighting industry.  As a Rotary Wing aviator, with a whopping 3.2 hours of fixed wing time I am not completely familiar with everything to do with Fixed Wing aircraft and the missions, tactics, and people involved.  I do have a fairly good idea since us fling-wingers have a similar operational environment.  The content within this site will be a product of my research efforts and input from people in the industry.  If anyone has any information that would be useful here please send an email.  I will always be looking for unique photos, statistics, and the "There I Was" stories from the people out on the lines.  Please help me to make this THE site to go to for any information one could want about Aerial Firefighting.  I will only be able to find so much information on my own.  I will depend on you out there to fill in the gaps.  Thank you and come back often to watch the site grow!