Smokejumpers are a different breed all their own.  People often say how skydivers and Airborne troops must be insane for jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.  What must they say about people that jump out of planes and purposely land near fires and often in the trees?  I have a couple of friends from college that jumped fires for many years.  I've lost touch over the years but what stories they must have.  That is one of the goals for this site.  Aside from all the links I can find I want to get the photos and stories from the sticks.  You jumpers are down in it, from Alaska, to California, to your brothers in Siberia. 

   Do you have something, a tip, a contact, a group photo, a "Trust me, don't do that", or anything else you would like to share? The others that are in your line of work or will follow would probably be interested.  Feel free to send it to me and I'll post it here.