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If you get there by air this site is for you!
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Welcome visitors!
The intent of this website is to be your link to all the information you could want about Aerial Firefighting.  As links are found they are categorized to which specific corner(s) of the industry they would most apply to.  Links to photos, worldwide operators, groups, equipment manufacturers, government sites, and just general information and history.  Please help us find them. 
Remember, it is all about the LINKS! (280+ now!)
If you stumble across websites, articles, or information that you think should be linked here please send us an email and we will get the link set up and out to everyone that could use it.  Come back often and see what is new!
The site is nowhere near what we have envisioned yet.  That will take time.  Please pass on any information or comments you have. 
 Please report broken links!

Scroll down to "The Big 4" section to find all sorts of Articles, History, Photos, and more about the industry.
Below that are 5 Rapid Links to go directly to the information we need when on the job. 




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                                                            Arctic Heat USA - Cooling Vests


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